pictures of honesty

Honesty is the foundation for a painful truth that leads to happiness and peace when you never thought you would find it and also a place you never thought someone would take in position

you , yourself and a reflection in nature


The truth that i did not want to let go off

The truth in my world , that is a scary but logical and realistic objective to be happy and finally letting go of the things that are blocking my mojo lol.

The events and time , the memories of happiness and pain , the kindled reaction to an emotion that was right in my face , although i really want to be a support for people i also need support and grace from stress and frustration.

The rekindled emotion of something finally dying that lived in my present that actually belonged in my past , as i am happy to not hide anything i was truly conflicted with this issue and for me it is now done.

I can no longer put my emotions and energy in the concern of things that i can’t influence and unfortunately thats life and how it is in so many ways.

I am able to see that my eyes are open and i do see the irony of going down a path that is no longer available. The path i am taking takes courage and stepping into unfamiliar territory.

The secret of life is there is no secret it is up to you how you live and how you are and why you would even entertain the idea of not accepting change evolves us as humans.


Happiness is a generous offer of the ability to change and let things go. The idea of being able to not sacrifice who you are and still claim the right to maintain the thoughts in your mind.

Happiness is a long awaited and desired goal by many and the meaning of happiness is different to everyone.

Some people put their happiness in words and it becomes fruitful of like minded people who are always going to support you and some people put energy into human beings and hope.

the front line of doing what makes you happy is an invite to your own party.

The sphere of talent surrounds minds through paints and ink and paper and sculptures of weird and wonderful animald and people.

The issue is flat and not really taken in by the public who find working is a foundation to a path of which they are happy to travel. The motion of getting a person on your side is pointless because of you shine in the wrong way you will not be a friend of any body.

The focus of coming around to a conclusion is finding the wat to get the right results in the first place.

My next steps

  1. achieve more of my goals
  2. make more friends
  3. do more writing
  4. write a fiction story well try anyway lol may need some direction
  5. be honest about present things that need to leave my life
  6. be happier with my body , personal training
  7. be smarter about things
  8. be more calculated
  9. have more fun
  10. make decisions now
  11. let go of the things that are no longer helping me
  12. finally embrace my emotions and create words that will touch your hearts

I am a flower in a world where i scream and ther is nothing out there i once wanted now its a vision of a book that is complete with friends and family from across the world

I am a faded flower in a pot that is in a space that is now closed so now i am planted in the earth and the spring is going to help me grow