My thoughts of the world

Today I learnt a lesson that I was not expecting , I was too nice and maybe too giving of a conversation and a misunderstanding on a red tape lawful manner.

I cleared it up and I found myself not angry , just curious because the idea is that life is a journey not a rule book. The in your face attempt to listen to a main stream structured society and its rules about communication and the stupidity of one person that is in the world only for themselves for money or in just causes that gain their pocket .

I am embarrassed to say that all my life I have had others read into any intentions that I may have , the only question I have is why would I screw someone over in their job for my own personal interests.

It is hard to get intelligent people in this world , and the world itself is dominating and controlling of basic human needs , like communication , generic conversation , just cause for insulting someone indirectly , the will of humans is faded to money and safety of not being human in the first place . The world and its culture and its falls and gains is minority to the actual reasons that the a person can be isolated for actually being interested in being human and alive.

I am ashamed to be apart of such a negative and harsh world that is untouched by the qualities of what learning as a human can intake and need to know the right and wrong of all the things that are compromised by things such as being yourself.

I am starting my study on the 26/11/2018 , now by the time I am done and have my degree , I am going to wow the world with the real right and wrong of humanity itself.

It is not the people that enforce the red tape , it is the world that judges you for challenging the order in which it is set to be made the foundation of the youth to come in the world , I am grateful for the opportunities that arise and help to educate me on the true path I am meant to pursue.

It saddens me that the world is so focused on the things that are dominating behaviors that are actually people with alternative life styles or personalities that may enhance the world if people just stopped.

I am not crushed by anything today , but I am aware that humans are no longer in the world of understanding imperfection and just plain old nice manners and morals , ripping these people down only isolates the others that can learn from them in the near future.

I am going to be my own rules and although I may not rock the boat , I will work in the back ground and I will become the silence of people having to realize that kindness and genuine aspects of out going introverted people like myself are very capable of.

It is a shame that the world has faded into such depression of human nature that people through history have embraced on walls and scriptures of knowledge and listening and understanding that sometimes we are the fault in the earth , not the lava that makes all life rethink their position and their ideas of what and who people are .

I am not at the point to dismiss the right to be me , but self respect is what is the foundation of so many things in the kindred world that is dying and starving from no oxygen to a real old soul.


3 thoughts on “My thoughts of the world

  1. Great post! I believe that as long as people will keep their narcissism and ego too high, they would do anything for themselves despite the harm they might do. We as individuals need to be the most important things for ourselves, but one of the goals needs to be to get better as a society. What do you study? 😀


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