The meaning of true peace

Peace is found when all sorrow and suffering has been released and set free to be a lesson not a burden , the burden of emotions is a forever longing.

Life is a phase in which we imprint our next phase as to our corrections to be made

The following of self and path is the moral of day and night , death and life , good and evil

It all depends on the words of your heart at the time , when you have to finally let go of all material things and your body.

Peace is th glow th spark in a new born baby and a grandparent that has seen a beautiful face.

20 thoughts on “The meaning of true peace

      1. At the end of the day , it is not about followers directly , it’s more experience for me , but you make a good point given attention spans are short , i just have a drive to write and sometimes i can’t get the time so i do it as best i can , does that make sense , i know i could of had more followers by now but i guess i do not concentrate on numbers


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